Quantum Code Review – Nothing but a SCAM

Despite the enticing promotional video of binary options trading robot Quantum Code showcasing unlimited profits, do not fall prey – it’s nothing but a trick to attract people to invest in their fake claims.

What Is Quantum Code? Is It A Scam Or The Real Deal?

Quantum Code is no different from all the other services promising massive trading profits even to those with zero trading experience. It’s fairly easy to be blinded with manipulated bank account screenshots from their ‘members’ amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Let’s look at the facts right now so you NEVER become a victim of false advertising leading you flat broke in the end.

 Quantum Code Scam Actor

Quantum Code founder Michael Crawford isn’t a real person – most likely an actor.

Michael Crawford, who claims to be the creator of Quantum Code and bragging about his millions of earnings from the service, has NEVER ever been heard of on the entire face of Google. Usually, people who have had such financial success will be featured on reputable websites, or would probably have TV guest appearances here and there. This guy obviously is not who he says he is, nor does he own a private jet or a posh mansion under his name.

He repeatedly stresses that you can make 100% guaranteed profits every day, forever – which never happens in any type of investment. The risk of losses is real EVERY DAY with real estate, stocks, futures, even large banking institutions.

Another Free Binary Options Trading Scam

Quantum Code Fake Profits

There are no guaranteed profits with Quantum Code, just guaranteed losses.

He’s also luring people into believing that Quantum Code is FREE, when in fact you need to make a minimum $250 broker deposit with ONLY their recommended broker. This broker could be fraudulent, and you risk having your money literally stolen from you at any time.

Quantum Code Real Scam

Quantum Code looks real, but it’s 100% fake.

The claim that they use ‘near quantum speed’ technology isn’t believable and has been used to position the app as sophisticated binary trading software. It boasts of no errors and 100% wins, which is a cheap and transparent way to dupe people into taking their scam offer.

The scene on the video inside his ‘private jet’ where he suddenly gets interrupted by a text message from a member who has just won $16,000 is FAKE.

Quantum Code Fake Founder

Quantum Code founder Michael Crawford gets a fake text message.

Look at the time the text message has been sent – time stamp says 7:43AM whilst his phone is already hours away from the time of the message. It’s clear as day that he’s trying to prove there are indeed REAL TIME profits, when in fact, there are NONE.

Quantum Code Risk claims

Quantum Code claims you can earn $16,000 without risk – it’s a scam.

Conclusion: Quantum Code is a Scam!

Lastly, the names listed in their testimonials of successful traders can be easily invented. You shouldn’t believe any of them are real. In fact, no real and verified success stories from members of Michael Crawford’s service could be found anywhere online at the time of this review.

If you’re even considering signing up them – do yourself a favor and stay away from this massive fake software scam!

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