Quattro Bot Scam – Complete Review

Quattro Bot made a bold statement in their hook. But as the name implies it just to hook you in the scam. I will review Quattro Bot and share why it is blacklisted.


Quattro Bot Scam Overture


First of all, the website looks and feels like scammy. The absurd claims like $5000 a week have no proof to prove it. And is simply a false statement. The voice over in the main video of Hans Kline who is claiming that he was a Senior Audi Technician and somehow discovered binary options secret is absurd as well. But like all other scams there is always story to suck people in.

I have googled Hans Kline and had found nothing about him. No profile over linked in, or anywhere. He is just a fictitious character. There is no picture or video of him on the website so it really hard to say who he actually is and even harder to trust him. Anyways, what I found on google regarding Hans and Quattro Bot were lots of negative review and feedbacks posted on different forum. There was all kind of horror stories imaginable. From Quattro Bot software piece to junk to Scam broker.

How Quattro Bot Works

Quattro Bot works by analyzing past trading charts to forecast either the markets will move up or down. This is what they tell in the pitch video. Now what they are saying in video too generic. All sort of technical analysis is performed by analyzing historic price movement. Based on these historic price movement different indicators helps to predict future price. So their details about how the system work so vague that is non-existent. You never know what working in the backend.

Fake Statement

There is no proof that the software is as good as they are claiming in their pitch video except for one statement which you can see once you sign-up with them. Now, this statement is completely fake. Entry rate and expiry rate mentioned is way different than the actual price. Furthermore, there is no way to verify either the statement is real or fake.


In addition, there is no testimonials or proof from a real person that the system actually works. I have seen similar fake statements time and time again. Therefore, I am not buying it.

Final Words about Quattro Bot

Quattro Bot is a confirmed scam. Don’t believe a single word in their pitch video. It was probably done by some voice over artist. With a sleek copy to lure unsuspecting people. Moreover, there are innumerous negative review of Quattro Bot over different forums.

The software isn’t free including the limited time trial. I mean in order to try the software for a limited time you need to fund an account with their choice of broker. Hence my advice is to stay of Quattro Bot, it is blacklisted.

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