Quick Cash Method – Binary Scam Complete Review

Quick Cash Method Binary Scam Review – The Quick Cash Method binary system appeared online a while ago, and it’s a shifty business. That might be a big understatement, and you’ll see why in the following review. It uses a software that automatically makes trades in stocks for you, and promises to generate incredible profits without risk. It seems to be an ideal solution to any economic problem that anyone may face, but in reality, it’s only a blatant scam.

Quick Cash Bank Account

A scam bank account photo for this binary software.

Binary Options traders use software algorithms and methods to make investments. But they’re not as effective as Michael Thompson makes it out to be. Michael Thompson presents himself as the Quick Cash Method founder and CEO, and he starts the video off by appealing to your desire to make money. For some reason, they thought that would be a good way to start off their video. In reality, when the service targets desperate people in such an obvious way, it’s a bad business 9 times out of 10.

Quick Cash Method 5795

Fake earnings claims from this fake binary tool.

How does the Quick Cash Method work?

Quick Cash Method Trades

This binary options scam artist is full of shit.

When you visit their homepage at quickcashmethod.net, the only things you see are the presentation video, the registration form, and a promise of making over $5,000 USD a day. The lack of any other observable feature is already a red flag by itself, but it’s only the first of many warning signs. After saying that “you need cash”, Michael Thompson boasts about his $24-million-dollar bank account, with no actual bank logo in sight. It’s just a meaningless number that was recorded on a laptop screen to trick people, but it’s nothing more than a scam. None of his claims about money and profit have any proof whatsoever.

Quick Cash Method Software

Fake binary options software that doesn’t work.

Other alarming signs include the fact that he claims the offer is limited to only 20 people, and yet this has not changed in more than a month. The website is accessible for anybody, and these claims about exclusivity don’t make any sense. Michael Thompson shows the profits that 3 unnamed beta testers have made in different periods of time. These accounts appear to be from real banks, but the people are never named and the claims that he makes are never validated.

Quick Cash Method Is Way Too Ideal To Be Legitimate

Michael explains the way the software works, and it sounds fairly simple. An A.I. uses an algorithm to make trades mimicking Mr. Thompson’s alleged investments, and you make profit from them constantly throughout the day.

He says that the process is very simple, and that anyone without any previous experience in investment can do it. But anyone with some actual experience knows that to make profits as incredible as $5000, you have to take a lot of risks and do a lot of hard work to make it happen, and it’s simply impossible for Michael’s claims to be true.

Finally, the man says that his service usually costs $3000 USD a month, and that it’s only offered for free for a limited period of time. This hasn’t changed ever since the domain was registered and the site was opened in May 2016, which is only a couple of months back anyway. This fake company obviously hasn’t existed for very long, and it’s a fraudulent scam.

Warning: Quick Cash Method Is NOT Legit, Avoid!

It’s impossible that a service that just appeared out of nowhere and claims to make you thousands of dollars a day has any sort of legitimacy behind it. It’s a dirty trick made by conmen that want to rip you off your well earned money, and you should avoid it as much as you can.

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