Real? A Google Trader Review

Could Google Trader be a good investment option, or is it just a scam? Binary options trading has gained traction in recent years as a new investment option. Ideally, it allows you to make hundreds of trades per day, with profits on most trades. This can add up to substantial profits. That’s a very exciting proposition. But as you might know, some people are taking advantage of its popularity to create fake software. It’s a threat to your investment dollars.

Google Trader Scam Software

The website for this binary options scam.

What Does Google Trader Offer?

Google Trader is one of the newer options. What makes it special is the fact that it claims to use the help of Google’s search engine algorithm to make the transactions as quickly and safely as possible. This is already enough proof to debunk any legitimate possibility that this software is real. You’ll notice it’s hosted on

Google Trader Fake Software

The features of this scam trading app.

If it actually was a part of Googles family of services and systems, it would certainly be using the standard URL format – as every service that they offer does. Moreover, if the software was actually endorsed by google they would have published something related to it. But nothing can be found about it online, no matter how hard you search.

More Evidence Of Google Trader’s SCAM

This is just the first piece of evidence you can find on their homepage. Google Trader uses many of the classic scam investment software tricks, such as meaningless security logos that hold no real authority. It also has a quick name-and-email registration form that is put right there on the first page, to maximize their number of possible “clients”, or victims, as we should really call them.

Google Trader also promises profits of around $2,000 – $4,000 on a daily basis. Those are frankly absurd amounts of money – even by the highest standards in high-level Wall Street and Forex circles. This becomes even more illogical when you look at their supposed advantage over other similar software. According to Ben Williams, the man speaking in the presentation video on their website, Google Trader uses their search algorithm to optimize their trades and make sure that every single one turns into profits instead of losses. That doesn’t make any sense.

Google Trader Scam-ware

Their website doesn’t even look professionally complete.

After taking any introductory course in finance and investment, any rookie would already know that in order to make extravagant numbers such as $4000 in a single day – you would have to make a LOT of very risky transaction. It would never be guaranteed just like that.

As if that wasn’t enough, their Facebook testimonials presented on the page are all fake. We couldn’t find any of the supposed users or their posts, despite the high amount of comments and likes. Everything about this service just screams SCAM, and you should stay away from heinous propositions such as this one.

Google Trader Binary Signal Scam Software

Fake Facebook testimonials from Google Trader.

Conclusion: Google Trader Is A SCAM, Beware!

Given all of this information readily available on their homepage, it’s safe to say that Google Trader is nothing more than a SCAM. It illegitimately utilizes Google’s name as a dirty trick to lure rookie investors into making an absurdly unsafe use of their money.

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