Regal Wealth Scam – Emotional Binary Pitch

No doubt you might have heard about Regal Wealth Scam. It is done very professionally, the video is enticing and will lure unsuspecting people. But I will completely lay bare Regal Wealth Scam and their ill intentions right in front of you. Make sure you read the article till the very end.

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The most absurd thing about Regal Wealth app is that they are guaranteeing $10,000 to new members. However, at the end of their main landing page, they have clearly stated their risk disclaimer. So in case, you don’t make money with them they will just email you back their risk statement. So in plain language what they are doing is telling a lie.

In addition, the founder of the binary software is claiming that he has been making his members rich for the past 7 years. However, when I google Michael King all I found was negative feedback and people stating him a paid actor and a con-artist.


Regal Wealth Scam

Anyone can tell from miles away that the tester and so-called founder Michael King is just acting it up. They are nothing more than a paid actor and all the sales video is a complete drama. There is very little information on how the system picks up trades. There are hundreds of review from different people on forums who has actually lost their hard earned money with this hoax.

Is It Free?

Now, this is another lie. Once you signup on the main landing page you need to open an account with their shady binary options broker. And also you need to put at least $250 in order to use this. The app robot is anything except what they are telling you in the video. It is a loss making machine. That’s the idea behind the scam. They’ll only make incredible losses on your money and ask you to deposit more.


Review Conclusion

Regal Wealth Scam is confirmed by hundreds of people who had trusted them. You can find hundreds of horror stories about how the software blew all their money. Now my suggestion is simple, don’t trust these guys, there aren’t any good reasons to trust them as well. The video is done by paid actor with fictitious names and with no record over Google. Moreover, there is no verifiable proof. Finally, unlike real honest system, there isn’t any information about the underlying strategy.

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