Rio Profits Review – Scam Busted

Like all the other scam videos Rio Profits starts with a stock footage. But just after the stock footages when the main character in the pitch video appeared I got a hunch instantly that it is an outright scam.


Rio Profit Scam Overture

The character in the pitch video, Andrew Reynolds who is claiming to be millionaire had been in other binary scams as well. He is simply a paid actor reading lies from his script.


Check the images below you will notice the very same guy disguised under different names also appeared in multiple other binary scams.

same2-actor-rio-profits-review same1-actor-rio-profits-review

Apart from using a false identity and fake story, the claims are also out of the world. The hook is promising $237 per hour, from a free app. There isn’t any strong proof to back up what they are promising.


Like I have said there isn’t any strong verifiable proof except fake testimonials. The reason I am calling it fake testimonials is because either they the scammers hire actors over Fiverr to do fake earning proof. Or worst steal images off the internet in order to fabricate proof.

On their main landing page check the testimonials section. You think these people made a success with Rio Profits. Think Again!


The same set of testimonials were on another binary options app called Tesler. Which further proves that it is just a web of lies and deceits. All the images are stolen from the internet. But If you will just google the first image you will find that its stolen as well. She is probably some kind of model with images on different forums. See for yourself.


Rio Profits Mobile App Lie

On their main landing page, they are claiming that their app is available on android and apple store. This can’t be further from the truth. They don’t have any app available on either google or apple store. They are just faking it in order to build trust.



Rio Profits is confirmed blacklisted. The spokesperson is a paid actor with false identity over multiple binary scams. The testimonials are fake as well with stolen pictures and an insult to injury is they are using same testimonials as in Tesler Binary Scam. The claims in the video are false without any proof to backup. Secondly, their app isn’t listed on App Store and Google Play.

My advice is to stay away from Rio Profits. It’s just another scam, there are already lots of horror reviews posted about Rio Profits app throughout the web. They are not simply worth a try.

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