Robot Binario Scam – Fake Automated Binary Robot

If you live in a Spanish speaking country, chances are you have been spammed with emails promoting Robot Binario Scam. Now the emails are promising the moon, but does this automated trading robot actually work? Read the complete review as I will disclose that either it is a straight away scam or a profit making bot.

Official Website:



The website looks like a typical binary scam with similar hook promising 900 Euro and pitch video with an actor. In addition, the timer on the right side does nothing when it runs out of time, it is just to build urgency a practice common within scam websites. If you will scroll it a little bit lower, you will see dummy logos which doesn’t redirect you to the certificate page when you click them.


What is the Strategy behind?

The real strategy behind the system isn’t clear. The video doesn’t even share the underlying strategy. It keeps on making promise after promise regarding the money that could be made. A real honest system clearly states what makes their strategy profitable. But unfortunately, in the case of Robot Binario it is a secret. When it comes to auto trading you have no control over when to pick a trades, and being completely blind regarding the strategy will only make matter worst.


Fake Testimonials

Testimonials are the real backbone for any system to build it trustability. If the robot is profitable definitely it should have some really good feedback. But again in case of Robot Binario the testimonials and their respective earning are fake. How can I say this? Well, I have tried image searching the people picture with testimonials on the landing. What I have found out is the images are either stolen or purchased from stock photography website.


Check the picture of Erwin Caja, this is purchased from Just like all the other testimonial images it is fake as well.



I believe I have already busted the Robot Binario Scam. They are totally blacklisted. There are lots of negative feedback. Moreover, the only positive feedback which is on their site is fabricated with images purchased from Stock Images website. My advice is to not trust a single word on their landing page and sales video. Lastly, my advice is to avoid this scam binary system and stay safe.

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