Safe Guard Trader Scam Review – Fake Binary Signals Exposed!

In this Safe Guard Trader review we dig up the dirt on this well known binary signals service. They claim you can have exactly $33,000 per day deposited into your checking account.

Now we’ll find out if that’s true, or a scam.

Safe Guard Trader Latest Fake Software

They claim you can turn $25 into $1,375 per hour.

What’s The Deal With Safe Guard Trader Review?

Safe Guard Trader is supposedly founded by Richard Hefner. If you remember that name, it’s because he’s the same guy who supposedly created GPS trader.

The video explaining the app is pretty light on details. It doesn’t even come close to explaining how the software theoretically makes money – but it does offer hints.

They claim it uses powerful global positioning technology. That leads me to believe it’s actually just a re-launched version of his earlier GPS binary trader scam. Once it got ripped apart on the review sites – he was probably forced to take it down and relaunch.

Again, the details are slim on how it achieves the results they claim. It supposedly turns $25 into $1,375 every hour. It also apparently has a 100% strike rate on trades.

Safe Guard Trader 100 percent Fake

There’s no way any binary signal service could have 100% accuracy.

Now, any binary trader worth his salt knows that’s impossible. You can have high accuracy, but no system is perfect. So I’m already extremely skeptical – but let’s look deeper.

Safe Guard Trade Scam – The Evidence Explained

I took a look at the names on the Safe Guard Trader scam development team. Many of the pictures looked too professional, so I had a hunch they were fakes.

Safe Guard Software Real Scam-ware

The binary software team looks a little “too” professional.

I did a TinEye reverse image search of the Josh Hefner profile picture. Sure enough, the exact same picture pops up on Shutterstock labeled “handsome man on street.”

Safe Guard Software Fake Claims

Yep, we caught them using stock photos in their binary signal scam.

Unless Josh Hefner was a stock photo model in a previous career, I’d say he’s 100% fake – which means that the binary option trading system is fake as well.

Next up we’ve got the claim Richard Hefner makes throughout the video…

“You will have $33,000 deposited in your account by tomorrow morning.”

That’s remarkably fast. Even if you wanted to make a transfer like that happen, a bank wire typically takes 24-48 hours even in the best of conditions. They claim they’re using something called Express High Value Payment Transfer (EHPT) to do it.

Safe Guard Trader Scam Review

A fake payment protocol for a fake system.

But here’s the thing: as far as I can tell, that transfer type doesn’t exist. A google search for it turned up only 5 results, and literally all of them except one were for Safe Guard Trader.

 Safe Guard Trader Fake Transfer

This is what it looks like to get caught in a lie.

I’m confident they just invented the concept for their scam binary sales pitch.

Conclusion: Don’t Use Safe Guard Trader Binary Signal Software

So – is it possible to earn $33,000 per day? Can this binary trading app make you over $1 million per month with no experience whatsoever? It would be nice if it could.

Unfortunately I just don’t believe it’s possible. At least not with so many busted lies in their website and pitch video. Because if you catch them in one lie – it’s all over.

My advice is to avoid this trading tool. It can’t possibly live up to the hype, and they’re clearly out to rip you off. Don’t waste your time or money.

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