SafeGuard Trader Review Seeks to Expose Lies and Scam!

SafeGuard Trader is a binary options trading website. The website is full of wild claims such as being able to turn 25$ into $1375 every hour. SafeGuard Trader also makes extraordinary claims, like “I make money when you make money. ” Yeah, right. These people are definitely in it for the money and are looking to make money off you any way they can. The system says it can also achieve a 100% strike rate, or accuracy, on trades, which we know that nothing is 100% guaranteed with trading. Not to mention the claimed 50/50 profit split of the average $1.2 million net earnings per day.

SafeGuard Trader exposed

Binary Options website with fake claims

Do These Claims Hold Truth?

Sound amazing? It is because it is not true. The website also claims to help you make profit daily through the use of their software. Not to mention, you’ll get $33,000 in your account via Express High-Value Payment Transfer (EHPT). EHPT does not exist, and a Google search identified only five results for the term all associated with SafeGuard Trader.

SafeGuard Trader exposed

Binary options software Google search reveals scam

SafeGuard Trader Exposed

SafeGuard Trader exposed

Binary options trader can be used anywhere

The site implies that it is mathematically impossible to fail with their programs. Because the program places the bids at precisely the right moment. Through automation of super-fast global positioning technology, the program automatically seeks out winning trades. Mr. Hefner claims to have made 10 complete strangers into millionaires within the last month.

Interestingly enough, the site claims their founder is Richard Hefner. Hefner is the founder of several other binary traders that later proven to be scams including GPS dealer. The team includes Josh Hefner, Steve Robinson, and several others. At least the Josh Hefner photo shown is a stock photo. The other faces in the team are also questionable. A thorough search of stock photos may be in order.

SafeGuard Trader exposed

Binary options website uses stock images

Conclusion: SafeGuard JV is a top of the line Scam.

Considering that the alleged founder, Richard Hefner is known for his fraudulent binary options trading site, it would seem a wise choice to avoid this team at all costs. He is not a real person and he probably knows nothing about binary options trading. Protect your resources and be wise with your investments at all times.

Stock Trading and Binary Options trading is a risky business. There will always be scam artists preying on the ill-informed. Reviews such as this one are here to help. Moreover, an informed consumer is a healthy consumer! Learn what you can and get trading. But whatever you do, do not trade with SafeGuard Trader.

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