Scalper Bot 1000 Review – High-Frequency Scam Bot

Is the app as good as they are claiming it to be in the sales video? Read the complete Scalper Bot 1000 review to find out does it really work, or is it another cash burning binary options bot.

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Scalper Bot 1000 Overview

Scalper Bot 1000 is a binary options trading robot. The spokesperson in the video Kevin Brain is claiming that it is similar to the search engine web crawler. A Search engine crawler browses through different web pages and index their content. However, Kevin is saying in the sales video doesn’t make any sense. The way he is associating the app with search engines is completely absurd.

Later in the video, Kevin starts explaining what scalping trading is. What is he is telling is how the scalping strategy works in general, which is placing high-frequency trades that makes small profit with every trade. The small trades add app to really substantial profit at the end of the trading day. Apart from this, there is no real information about what particular kind of scalping strategy does the bot incorporates in order to pick trades. This information provided is generic.

Is the Scalper Bot Free?

The Scalper Bot 1000 isn’t free at all. What they have stated on their landing page is a half-truth. The app is facelifted version of 3rd party binary app. There isn’t anything fancy about it. It is same old cash burning app. However, in order to use the app, you need to open an account with their binary options broker.

The reason I am saying the app itself is worthless because you can browse the internet and find countless negative feedback regarding Scalper Bot 1000 and how the app blew away their account.

Fake Testimonials

Just like a typical binary options scam, the testimonials on Scalper Bot 1000 are all fake. Check it for yourself. The scammer behind Scalperbot 1000 has stolen the pictures from different website and used it to fabricate the reviews.


A quick google image search will trace back the image and will show its actual origin. From the screenshot below it clearly proves that Adal Klose is just an alias and the image is stolen.


What Should You Do?

Finally, my advice is straight forward, don’t make the mistake by depositing your hard earned money with Scalper Bot 1000. They are liars, and just like many other, you will lose every penny that you deposit.

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