Set Forget Pattern Profit Review – Scam Busted

There are lots of Forex scam system being pushed by Karl Dittmann and Set Forget Pattern Profit is one of them. The signal software does not work and thou it provides you 60 Days Money Back Guarantee, it is guaranteed to waste your time. Make sure you read this review till the end, I will explain why this is a scam indicator.

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Set Forex Pattern Profit is a Meta Trader 4 indicator. When attached to chart it will display a fany indicator with Buy and Sell signal. Meaning the indicator will give you signal on precise entry and exit point. However, you need to execute trade manually and set your profit target and stoploss.

Secondly, the website claims that the indicator doesn’t repaint. And works on all currency pairs and timeframes from M15, M30, H1, H4, and D1.


Proof of Scam

There are lots of scam products by Karl Dittmann. However, nowhere he has posted his picture. This is just a fictitious name. If you will search him over Google you will only discover that he is a con-artist and using alias Karl throughout different scam sites.


There is no proof that the aggregated results of the strategy are profitable. In order, to have faith in the system, the strategy should be profitable over a long period of time. Whereas, on the landing page of SetForget Pattern Profit there are only screenshots of few lucky trades. Neither Karl has uploaded his trading statement, nor testimonial from any of the user who has success with this indicator.


The only proof you will see are morphed screenshots just like above. Remember it is child’s play to fabricate screenshots like this.

Moreover, the website is also using old scammer technique to build fake scarcity by stating that only 4 copies are remaining. The truth of the matter is, there are an infinite number of copies. This technique is deployed by con-artist to create urgency and push you through the checkout process.


Finally, the landing page promises a lot but there is no proof that it actually works. In addition, the same indicator works for all currency pairs. Those who are familiar with trading already knew that when it comes to trading strategy there is nothing like one size fits all. Hence, my advice is to completely kick SetForexPatternProfit. It’s nothing but a waste of your time and hard earned money.

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