Shocking. Binary Delta App Scam Exposed

Delta App first impression is really fishy. The sales video start with stock footages shows exotic destination, yacht, luxury cars and private jets. I have received lots of complaints regarding Delta App. The video is overall really professional and no doubt it is very hard to resist the temptation. But that is the point behind it. The scammer behind the Delta App wants to make is look real and suck as many people in as possible. That is why I am taking the time to review Delta App and exposed them with factual information.

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Scam Exposed

In the sales video you will see Jack Hammel CEO of Delta App asking Kate that did she enrolled with their program. The guy claiming to be Jack Hammel and CEO is just a paid actor. He has appeared in different binary scams as well. His real name is Gary Powell.


The same guy with different identity appeared on other binary scam as well. Check the image below of Nesdek Binary scam with Gary Powell.


Check his profile on Lakewood Actors agency.


I believe this clearly proves that Delta App is nothing but a clever deceit. The only reason they are showing the video filming crew is to appear realistic. However, the fake identity which the actor is using clearly proves that it is all fake.

Secondly, the lady Kate Matthews, claiming to be real and who has enrolled for Delta app is also a paid actress. She also appeared in another binary scam, Quantum Income machine. Check for yourself.fake-beta-delta-app-scam

Delta Binary App Lies

Their entire pitch video is filled with lies. Hammel also claimed that he was mentioned in Forbes Magazine. This is a yet another lie. The truth is DeltaApp hasn’t made money for anyone. They are just using fake actors.


Don’t trust a single work in the pitch video. It is written by sleek copywriter and acted by actors who had sold their soul to devils. The underlying strategy using satellite is all scam. Hence their app simply doesn’t work. There are hundreds of horrible complaints I have received regarding them.

Moreover, the testimonials in the video are fake. They are pretending it to be real with their recording crew tactics. Finally, my advice is clear. Don’t go with Delta app it a complete hoax.

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