Social Clicks Review – LinkedIn Earning Scam

LinkedIn Earning scam is a typical binary options site. First of all, from the very first impression, the website looks completely unprofessional. The only twist is social media aspect. However, I will lay bare this “make money with social media” scam, please read till the end of the review.



The pitch video is very brief. It provides no information what the system is all about. In fact, there is no real information that is it based on binary options. Apart from this, it doesn’t tell what is the underlying strategy. Worst of all, the sales video doesn’t even introduce the speakers or person behind the system. From the video, I don’t think you can deduce any conclusion.

What exactly is Social Clicks – LinkedIn Earning?

Let me tell what it is all about. The backend system is a 3rd party binary options app. Once you will signup you will be redirected to the member’s page. Where they will ask to fill the form and open an account with the binary broker. Next, they will keep on spamming and calling you to fund an account with their broker.  So the app isn’t free, you at least need to deposit $250 with their choice of scam broker in order to activate the app. And there is nothing special about the app as well. It is a dead old app just given different logo and name, to give an impression that it is somehow different. Whereas in actual, tt is only a loss making machine.


What about the Testimonials?

On the Members page, the pitch video will start with a couple of testimonials. Now testimonials are the real deal, they can actually prove that if the system is worth trying or has made anyone successful. But in the case of LinkedIn Earning, the testimonials are all fabricated. The video parts are done over Fiverr. So what the scammer behind Social Clicks has done is hired an actor from Fiverr paid him five dollars and recorded a fake earning testimonials.

Now, I’ll give you undeniable proof of it. Check it out, for yourself.


Check his Fiverr gig where he is offering his video testimonial services for just five bucks.




The only reason scammer behind the LinkedIn Earning Scam has hired a Fiverrvian is because he doesn’t have any real person to vouch for him, the reason is the app simply doesn’t make any profits.

Final Words About LinkedIn Earning

The boring video doesn’t reveal anything about the app, strategy or the person behind it. In addition, the worthless app doesn’t even come free. You need to throw $250 to access something worth less than zero. Secondly, the broker they are pitching is shady and shouldn’t be trusted. Moreover, all the testimonials are false, done by actors. My advice is to move on, and completely discard Social Clicks – LinkedIn Earning Scam.

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