Sowelstace Financial Scam – Dangerous Binary App

Sowelstace Financial Scam is not only making outrageous claims but also it is a dangerous scam. Their landing page is inconsistent with the claims. At one point it is claiming $8,600 today, whereas $1,500 per day on another. This website looks scammy on first look. Fake and non-responding logos below the signup form is another telltale sign of scammers. Why does anyone want to place fake trust logo? To build fake trust, because they aren’t trustworthy in the first place. Moreover, the video starts like a typical binary options scam, with Ferrari and luxury home and office.

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Sowelstace Financial Scam Overview

Now the pitch video is full of lies, including fake earning claims, fabricated bank statements, false strategy and you name it. But I want to point out few of the lies in the sales video which are sufficient to expose this entire scheme.


In the sales video, Jimmy Reese said about the Sowelstace App, “it will actually be making thousands and thousands of tiny NO-RISK INVESTMENT with fantastic interest rates to essentially make you free money!”.

Now the statement above is anything but correct. First of all, no investment comes without risk. So a Zero Risk investment is a pure fallacy. Secondly the system doesn’t have to do anything with direct interest rates. It is a binary app and only profits from options trading.

Besides anyone can tell from miles away they are just acting.

StockPhoto Testimonials

Another proof which will lay bare the entire scam, is fake stock photo testimonials. Now contrary to what they are claiming in the sales video, the testimonials are all fake on the website. If the app is as powerful as they are claiming it to be then why the testimonials are fake. First of all, the beta testers in the video are also fake and paid actors. Whereas, in Testimonials their entire scam is exposed. The pictures they are using are purchased from stock photography website. I will show you the clear proof it.


Now Joseph Jacobs, testimonials just like all the other testimonials are fake. His photo is purchased from shutter stock. Check for yourself.


Final Words About Sowelstace Financial

Sowelstace Financial scam is confirmed, plus they are blacklisted. No doubt the video is enticing but it is all fake and done by professional actors. Secondly, the sales video contains nothing but lies. In addition, the testimonials are fake, which is proven beyond any doubts. My advice is not to trade using this free app and not to deposit with their broker. It’s absolutely not worth it.

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