Super One Minute Forex System Scam

First of all, Super One minute Forex system looks like a typical scam website. This is the first thought that comes to my mind whenever I see a website with dollar bills in header, foreground or background. Make sure you read this entire review while I expose SuperOneMinForexSystem.



Super One Minute Forex System a manual trading strategy. Meaning it will not automatically enter the trade. You need to analyze the indicators to decide either to enter a trade or not. It comes with a custom indicator. The custom indicator work over Meta Trader 4 platform. All the custom indicator uses is a pair of moving averages.

The creator of the indicator and strategy suggests that it works best on 1-minute timeframe. However, it could be used on other higher timeframes as well. Whereas, the currency pairs by this strategy are boundless.

Why The System Doesn’t Work

The strategy uses custom indicator which is nothing more than moving averages. The moving averages are based on different periods and include a pair of standard MA and a pair of exponential MA. The signals are generated when faster moving Exponential moving average cross above or below the standard slow changing moving average.


You might be wondering what is the catch? The signals look perfect on historical chart?

Well, the real catch here is the system only looks profitable on historical chart. This historic chart doesn’t take account of a repaint. Also called false signal. The indicator repaints like crazy. You need to wait for few bars for the signal to confirm and that is where you lose all the action.


Super One Minute Forex System is a lame and worthless strategy. The proof is in the pudding. There is no proof that the strategy actually makes profit. There is no trading statement, or real testimonials from real users.


Finally, this crappy system which repaints and look only profitable on historic chart cost $47. Now, remember there is no proof of its results, only claims. Hence, my advice is to not trust Super One Minute Forex System.

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