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Super Simple Bot website is unlike most of the binary options scam sites. There is no sneaky pitch video with unbelievable promises. The website design is professional and to the point. But what I am about to expose in this review is the real performance of this app. So make sure you read this entire review to find about more about its performance.

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Super Simple Bot is an automated binary options trading app. It connects with the broker and places trades automatically on your behalf.


The website claims 87% winning trades. In order to achieve 87% profitable trades, the strategy needs to be really outstanding. When it comes to binary options trading such number is really hard to achieve. However, there are lots of claims even above 90% accuracy. Nevertheless, if there is verifiable proof then there is no harm accepting this claim.

Secondly, the best part about SuperSimpleBot is its Free Demo Account. Such thing is really unheard of when it comes to automated binary apps. As per our results the demo account is somewhere in between profitable and unprofitable. With average profits of a couple of dollars per day.


Live I’ve mentioned above in order for the strategy to establish it’s earning it should have real verifiable proof. The only proof mentioned on the website are written testimonials. We have seen all kinds of testimonials including the video. And have found all of them to be fake, including paid actors and images stolen from the internet. However, in case of Super Simple Bot the testimonials could be fabricated. There is no way of knowing. There are no pictures and hence not possible to say either they real or not.


How the App Works

The underlying strategy is based on different indicators including MACD, RSI, Stochastic and CCI. Moreover, you can select the money management style. The app provides lots of flexibility. Unlike other apps which only allows you to switch auto trading on and off, SuperSimpleBot offer range of features which you can fine tune.



The results we get from the demo account is mixed. Unlike the claim, the winning trade percentage isn’t 87%. However, there are lots of options that you can tweak. It is possible that after few modifications the system could become profitable. However, it is beyond the scope of the review to test and post the results after each tweak. Hence, my advice is to think twice prior funding an account with them. You can try their risk-free demo account to find out how it might work for you.

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