TAI Robotic – Binary Artificial Intelligence Scam

TAI Robotic is claiming to be a binary options trading app. It further claims to incorporate the power of artificial intelligence and the power of TAI robotic trend indicator. But the real question is does it really perform as they are claiming it in the pitch video? To find out more about the TAIRobotic app read the complete review.

To find out more about the TAIRobotic app read the complete review.

Official Website: https://www.tairobotic.com/lp.php



First of all, The website looks pretty much like a typical binary system website. The hook, pitch video and signup form are some features common in almost all the binary options website. Secondly, The good thing about the pitch video is, rather than lying the spokesperson right away admitted that he is an actor. And that is speaking on behalf of Alex Knect. Trading Artificial Intelligence or TAI is plainly a binary options trading app which connects with a broker and places trades automatically.

Unfortunately, there are lots of complaints regarding the trading results of the app. And online forums are littered with complaints regard TaiRobotic app performance and spam emails.

Moreover, the fact is Tai Robotic app has nothing to do with artificial intelligence. It is a 3rd party app. And is only cloned and face lifted to appear based on AI technology. The fact of the matter is there is nothing unique about its trading style. AI binary trading is just a marketing mix to appeal the prospect and use it as its unique selling point.

Proof of Scam

The spokesperson mentioned that he is just representing Alex Knect. The real truth is Alex Knect is a proven scammer. He has been in another confirmed binary options scam site.


Check out how the same guy under a different alias was found scamming in another binary options site.


They are using False identity Paul Carr aka Alex Knect is not only same person but also a professional con-artist as well. This clearly proves what they ever they are claiming in the pitch video is nothing but clever deceits.

Bias Reviews

There are lots of bias reviews of TAIRobotic system. The sites which appear to be ethical review site is in fact promoting this scam by publishing fake reviews and earning potential. I have personally received countless complaints regarding this app. In addition, the proof they have shown are insufficient and non-verifiable by any third party.


Finally, just like the Azure Method, TAI robotic is also a confirmed hoax. I have already exposed the lies in the pitch video. The money making claims are unreal.

Hence, I am strongly recommending you not to open an account with their said broker. Lastly, their fraudulent broker is neither licensed nor regulated by competent financial authority.

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