Tera App Scam Confirmed and Exposed

Tera App hook proudly claims that their members make $440,000 every single month. Now I’m not going to take this statement lightly. If the App is as good as they are claiming and it has made real money for its members than there is no doubt it can’t do the same for me. So continue reading this review as I will expose Tera App.


Tera App Scam Overview

Just a few seconds into the video and I knew it’s a scam. The main character in the video has been in many other binary options scam as well. However, this time only his name is different. Now the same guy was claiming a holy grail system on GPS trader website.


And the same guy only with different name claiming breakthrough money making App on Omnia App website.


The truth of the matter is he is just a fake actor. But what keeps me wondering is does these actors also know that they are acting for a scam. Do they willingly act? Anyways you can check his profiles in the screenshot below:


You can also check his profile on IMDB. All you have to do is search for Patrick Green on IMDB.


I think this clearly proves beyond any doubt that Not only Tera App but also other App on which he appeared are all lies.

What about $440,000 Claim

Needless to say, the $440K a month claim is also false. They don’t even have a single member who has made money with Tera App. The testimonials they are showing like everything else is fake. Just like the main character, the testimonials are unreal. The pictures they are showing under the online results section are either stock images or images stolen from other websites.


The technology of data transfer they are claiming to be using is also lame. They just hyped up the current bandwidth and fabricated that their app makes use of Terabit of bandwidth. This is nothing but crazy lies. Their Software is just a 3rd party software, which has been given a facelift, with video to suck people in.


I have already proven beyond any doubt that their pitch video is nothing but lies. Hence, my advice is to not to trust them with your money. Finally, the software isn’t free you need to fund a new account with their unlicensed broker. So don’t take any risk. They are already confirmed blacklisted.

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