Tesler 2 Review – Revised Tesler Scam

Tesler 2 app appears to be a new and improved version of original Tesler App. I have seen lots of emails recently promoting this scam. In fact, few of the review websites have posted fake review about its performance. So continue reading this factual information while I expose the version 2 of this dangerous scam.

Official Website: https://www.t-soft.co/



First of all, Tesler 2 pitch video starts with an acting review of the app. It is done by actors. The tester of the app is also a paid actor. I will provide undeniable proof of this lie later in this review. But first I want to expose the Tesler Investment lie. Tesler Investment is a small honest firm not owned by the scammer behind Tesler 2 app. They are just using its name and credential to scam people.


Secondly, the hook claims around $237 per hour, however, there is no proof of such earning. After their previous scam being exposed badly, they at least should have come up with verifiable proof. Unfortunately, there is no such proof. And the worst part is they are using the same pitch video just modified it a little bit to rescam ordinary guys.

Proof of Scam

Stephen Abraham who is claiming to be a Founder of Tesler 2 app and CEO of Tesler Investment is an actor. He is hired by the con-artist behind this scam to read the script of lies. Stephens’ real name is John San. Check out his CV from Casting Frontier below:


This clearly falsifies his claims about owning an investment firm and developing a revolutionary money making app.

Moreover, if you will look closely you will notice a subtle trick in the video. The recording during logging into his bank account automatically switched to screenshot after he clicks login button. The screenshots are easy to fabricate using just Photoshop. This is another telltale sign of lies and deceits in the pitch video.



Tesler 2 is a guaranteed scam. Just like the previous version the Tesler2 uses similar video with same old lies and actor. Don’t buy a single word in Tesler 2 pitch video. I have already provided proof of their blunt lies above. Hence, my advice is same as it was with their first version. Don’t deposit any money with their broker, they’ll rip you off. They are simply untrustworthy.

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