Tesler App Review – Scam Busted

Tesler App is promising insane amount of profits, $5700 per day is an outrageous claim. I am going to review Tesler app and provide you factual information. Moreover, I will also give my conclusion that is it a real deal or just another scam.

The owner of the Tesler app Stephen Abrahams who is also the founder and CEO of Tesler Investment is the main character in the pitch video. Now I had googled Stephen Abraham and Tesler Investment and had found no information regarding him or his company. What the scammer are doing now a day is abusing names of small business i.e. those whose names are similar and haven’t published the executive list on the web.


Just a few seconds into the video you will see that the owner of Tesler app landed on the door of a lady who signed up 24 hours earlier with Tesler app. You can tell from miles away that this is just a fake video with actors all around. The way she is dressed up and opens the door at first knock is all enactment.

No doubt the video is scammy which one can tell from miles away. It is very much like the typical “Get Rich Quick” pitch video with Lamborghinis and morphing software. But I want to share one more thing here.


Stephen Abraham who is a self-proclaimed millionaire and CEO of Tesler investment is in fact, just a paid actor. Now I am not saying without a proof. Check The CV John San Nicolas below:


I really don’t think there is a need for further explanation. Everything is self-explanatory. The pitch video is full of lies and actors reading scripts full of lies and deceits.

Are People Making Money from Tesler

Testimonials can reveal a lot about binary options software. If other people are raking in big time with the very same software why can’t you? Actually, there is only one problem. The other people they show you in the testimonials are made up characters with their images copied from the internet that has nothing to do with binary trading at all. Or they hire actors to record fake testimonials.


I have back searched the first image of a lady with a profit of $12,853. What I have found that the con-artist behind Tesler has plagiarized the image and fabricated the testimonials. See for yourself.


I have tried back searching all the images and result were consistent the actual person has used the image on some other website which has been repurposed by Tesler with a fake testimonial.


Tesler is a scam software and blacklisted. The forums all over the internet are filled with complaints regarding this scam bot. The claims they are making are unreal. The pitch video only has actors who haven’t made a single dime from the software itself. The testimonials are fake with images stolen off the internet. All the claims are false. And the App isn’t free as well. You have to deposit $250 with a trading account to access the crappy app which hasn’t made anyone a single dime.

So my advice is to stay away from Tesler software. It is not even worth a try. I have already provided factual information of their deceits.

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