Trade Fusion Scam – Binary App Review

To be honest, Trade Fusion scam doesn’t look that bad from its first impression. But you only have to wait for few minutes and allow the video to play.  The whole bloody Trade Fusion scam will reveal itself. Make sure you read the entire review while I expose this dangerous scam.

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They are very clever scammers so please be aware. What they are doing is their sales video is showing CNBC futures now footage in the background with voice over. The guy in the voice over is claiming to be Timothy Marcus producer of Futures Now CNBC and founder of Trade Fusion app. Now, this Timothy Marcus might be the founder of Trade Fusion App but he is definitely not the producer of CNBC show.


The image from CNBC profile clearly proves what he is saying in the video is nothing but a blunt lie. Moreover, I have looked for Timothy Marcus over CNBC and have found nothing.

90 Days Free Trial?

The 90 Days free trial is nothing but a joke. Trade Fusion Scam works like typical binary hoax the only difference is rather than giving away the app for free, Trade Fusion is giving it out free for 90 days.

But there is a catch to this. In order to access the Trade Fusion app, you need to fund an account with their shady binary broker. Meaning you need to open an account with their choice of binary broker, and fund at least $250 with them.

Stolen or Stock Images

The images on their main landing page just like the pitch video is either a stock image or stolen off the internet and used with the actual owner’s consent.


Similarly, the team sort of testimonials or people they are associating with Trade Fusion is also false.



Finally, Trade Fusion binary trading app is a confirmed scam. Don’t buy a word in their presentation video. I have already exposed the fake identity that Timothy Marcus is using and claiming what he is not. In addition, the earning claims are hyped up without any proof to back up the claims. Moreover, the trading strategy is also lame, the software has lots of negative comment over the internet. Hence, my advice is to completely kick Trade Fusion, it’s a waste of time and money.

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