The Trader App Scam – Factual Review

I have heard lately a lot about The Trader App Scam. I think it’s time I expose this scam bare. The video is done professionally and he is probably a paid actor. Now it is important that you understand that the people who are claiming to have made money with this binary software as well as promoting this scam are also a scammer. They are affiliates of this scam; they get paid when someone falls victim to this clever deceit.

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The Trader App Scam Overview

The video starts with the guy claiming to be Brain Wren the founder of The Trader App Scam. Now he is merely a paid actor. The real scammer is the guy pulling his strings. Just like any other sales pitch, the founder is promising that the app will change your life.

The approach for Brain to appear honest is by blaming other guys for giving away their binary options app for free. But he is going to have a different approach. Rather than giving it away for free, he is going to allow you to access his software for 30 days absolutely free. Yes, this means that this software is free as well, just like all the binary options scam.

The scammer makes their money when you deposit your hard earned money with the broker they are hand in hand. These brokers use all the practices to part you from your money and after losing your money they will ask you to deposit more.


Proof of Scam

The testimonials you see on the trader app scam main landing page are all fake. They are using stock images, and even worse images stolen from another website without their consent. The testimonial is untrue, and if you want the real truth about their performance, than check the forums where actual users have posted their reviews. Their app is worthless and is bound to lose you money as well.


I have back searched the picture of Kristin Barnes, and it appears that the image is stolen with a false name. Now, this clearly proves the testimonials are false. And no real person has actually made money with them.


What should you do?

First of all, do not trust a single word in the sales pitch of The Trade App scam. It all lie. The real algorithm behind the system is still not clear. Moreover, the testimonials are all fake. You have already seen the proof of it. There is no doubt about it. Do not deposit any money with them, you will only make losses with the trader app scam. Finally, if you are looking for real opportunities check the system with positive reviews on our site.

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