Trader Profit Unprofessional Scam

Trader Profit first impression is not only unprofessional but also scam like. I mean in the background you can see money falling. The hook uses an IP address to locate your country and to generate fake earnings updates. Read the entire review and I will disclose is Trader Profit really profitable.


Trader Profit Overview

The pitch video starts with a typical “Get Rich Quick” style scheme. You will never have to worry about money and more money than you ever dreamt of earning. They didn’t even share exactly how much money you can expect from Trader Profit or How much money it has made previously for other clients. I believe the only reason there is no hard number or percentage is because, either their app isn’t tested or doesn’t work at all. What they are simply saying in the video is literally You can make more money than you can imagine with trader profit. Seriously.


Trader Profit Backend Strategy


The crux of a profitable app is solid strategy. It should be fundamentally sound and must use indicators and money management to perform well in different market conditions. As you have probably already guessed the pitch video doesn’t even give a clue what’s the backend strategy used by the app. You shouldn’t trust anyone who only tells that he got an awesome system but doesn’t even gives an overview of how his system works. Think logically would you invest your money in something that you don’t even know.

Is there any Proof of Earning?

Apart from fake earning updates on the top, there is no other proof of earning. In fact, there is no proof that the spokesperson himself made any money with Trader Profit. Even worst the spokesperson doesn’t even mention the person behind the system. I believe the only reason they don’t want to feature an actual person who has success with their system is because they don’t have any.


Trader Profit is extremely unprofessional and a confirmed scam. There is no proof that the system actually works. Secondly, you will never know what’s the real strategy behind the system. And does anyone ever make money with it. What they are claiming to be free is anything but free. So it’s another lie. After you signup with them, you have to fund a new account with their binary options broker.

Check the image below of their members page.


My advice is not to trust or deposit any funds with Trader Profit. They are completely unprofessional and dishonest.

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