Is TradexConfidential a real deal? Scam Review

To be honest from the first impression TradexConfidential doesn’t look bad. You don’t see scammy countdown timers, copies left and other logos. The headline also appears to be making claims that are sane. So it is a good start I should say.


TradexConfidential Claims

Paul Reed who is claiming to be the inventor of TradexConfidential is merely a paid actor. I can tell this from miles away. There is no information about him over Google, Facebook, Linkedin or any other social media network site. Secondly, Paul Reed states that the TradexConfidential system has a trade winning rate of 100%. There is no system which has such an accuracy. To me, this is unbelievable claim. Moreover, the Paul also claimed that you can make up to $60,000 per week. Just a few minutes into the video and things are getting fishy.


Fake Testimonials

Testimonials are the real deal, they reveal everything about the system. If the software is really as good as they are claiming in the pitch video then there should be people who want to vouch for software. Right?

But in case of Trade X Confidential, the testimonials are fake. The written testimonials are using images stolen from the internet or stock images.


The image of Stacy Knapman is just a stock photo purchased from DepositPhotos. Check the screenshot of deposit photos selling the image. This clearly proves that the testimonials are fake. The reason they are using fake testimonials is because the software simply doesn’t work. The pitch video is all lies and deceits. Hence there are no one to vouch for them and that is why they are using stock images.


Fake Badge to Build Credibility

The scammer behind TradexConfidential has a very good understanding of human psychology. And is exploiting it in the way unimaginable. He is using logos to give the impression that his app was featured on CNN and NBC. It is done in a very subtle way and hasn’t said it explicitly. However, if you will search these news sites you will not found any reference to Trade X Confidential.


Final Remarks

TradeX Confidential is a confirmed scam. I have already provided enough proof that the system doesn’t work. Moreover, the system has nothing to do with the stories in the presentation video. The testimonials are unreal. In addition, the scammer behind the system is using subtle technique to suck you in.

Hence, my advice is not to invest a single dime with TradexConfidential. They are untrustworthy and blacklisted.

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