Turbine XO Review – Proof of Scam

Turbine XO website is very unprofessional and immediately looks scammy. Read the complete review as I expose Turbine XO scam.

Official Website: http://www.turbinexo.com



First of all, you can notice different logos below the signup button. This is a telltale sign of scam website. The real logo redirects to the certificate on verifying website, whereas these logos are clearly fake. The logos below the button redirects nowhere, and are only there to build fake trust.

Secondly, the website looks very unprofessional the elements are out of alignment. The signup form is showing an addition unnecessary field.

The guy alias Andrew Fisher, who is claiming to be the founder of Turbine XO is just a paid actor. Andrew is seen making outrageous claims in the video. The reason I’m saying his claim of making $1,500 to $5,500 outrageous is because there is no verifiable proof behind it. This is all just plain lie.

The proof shown is not verifiable and is very easy to fabricate. I have seen this in hundreds of binary options scam. The binary broker screen with balance could be easily faked including in video as well.

Proof of Scam

The app has an unbelievable number of negative posts on different forums, people from all walk of life had shared their stories how Turbine Xo has ripped them off. Whereas the proof they have shown is all fake. In order to build trust they should have statement verified by third party.

In addition, the testimonials are all fake. The images are stolen off the internet and used even without their consent. Another think which looks completely insane is that in the testimonial the people are thanking John rather than Andrew Fisher.


Once again just below the testimonials, you will find another list of fake logos which has nothing to do with Turbine XO. It wasn’t given any award and is not even mentioned on any of the websites.


Final Words About Turbine XO

Finally, Turbine XO is a confirmed scam and blacklisted. There are hundreds of complaints about its loss-making app. Hence, don’t throw your hard earned money on them. The Turbine XO software simply doesn’t work, and contains lies all over their landing page.

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