United Trading App Review – Scam

United Trading App is among the most talked about binary options app over the entire internet. I am sure you have heard about it. Few people are claiming that they have made fortune with it. Here I will provide you factual information of United Trading App. Moreover, I will reveal does it really work?

No doubt the website looks very professional. But to be honest most of the reviewers that are claiming to have made a killing with United Trading is not true. Here’s why, they are just bunch of affiliate, bluntly promoting the app. The reviews are fake you can tell it from the link with their affiliate id.


I have seen Anthony Grecko in some other binary options pitch video as well. All the guys in the video are paid, actors. The idea of social trading sounds interesting but it is flawed. They just let out that the system is based on financial analysis and user sentiment. Definitely, in order for the system to work so well, there should be some real strategy behind it. Which they didn’t mention.

What Happen After Signup

Once you signup with United Trading it appears to be very much like all the other binary options bot scam website out there. It will land you to you yet another video where they will lure you to open an account with their suggested broker.  I open an account with their choice of broker and was shocked what I find out. Thou the website looks professional the broker they are promoting in the backend is confirmed blacklisted broker. In my case, it was PW Trader which isn’t regulated by any government body. Nor even licensed to operate.


Not 100% Free

It was very clear that United Trading is a fraud website because they will only let you use their app if you fund an account with their choice of scam broker. So the software which they were claiming to be 100% free is actually half truth. The same old low balling technique used by many other scam binary options bots.

Negative Review

Apart from the fake reviews of affiliates, United Trading App has lots of negative feedback on different forums. People are sharing their horror stories, how they were sucked into the scam and weren’t able to withdraw even the funds they have deposited.


There are lots of negative review regarding United Trading over the internet. Moreover, the claims in the pitch video are dishonest. The video is done, all by actors. The award they mentioned in the video is all made up. There isn’t anything like it. I have personally tried their software it isn’t anything like they said in the video.

The video is very profession and enticing. But the product isn’t worth it. So my advice to you is not to trust United Trading App. And not to deposit any money in order to test their self-praised software. It doesn’t work.

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