The Unlimited System – Infinity App Scam

The unlimited system main landing page looks spammy, anyone can tell it from miles away. But I want to dig a little bit deeper. Therefore, I will provide factual information about their Infinity App and lay bare The Unlimited System.

First of all, their initial impression is pathetic. They are using everything fishy element available. Check the countdown timer, spots available and “people on this page”. These all numbers are there to create scarcity and urgency. Moreover, these all countdowns are unreal, so they are creating fake scarcity.  The logos that does nothing are not placed without any reason. The McAfee and SSL logo are strategically placed below the signup form to build credibility at a subconscious level.


The Unlimited System Overview

From the very start, the pitch video looks scammy featuring the paid actor and a rented Bugatti, or probably owned by scammer himself.  Mark Stevenson who is claiming to be Nasa’s smartest engineer and creator of Infinity App is just a paid actor. One can tell from miles away that the entire crew and office looks as fake as three-dollar bill.

What I am going to share next will completely expose the scam. The guy Mark Stevenson was a crew member in another binary pitch video for Amissio Formula. Check the image of Mark Stevenson.


Unfortunately, this is how the scammers operate. They will shuffle the actors between different scam, so they becomes unidentifiable for masses.

What about the Beta Tester

There is not a single person in the video is real. They are all actors, yes including the beta tester.


The guy claiming to be beta-tester on Infinity App was a professor and creator of Code Fibo app.


The same goes with all the other beta tester.

The Unlimited System & Infinity App Conclusion

Finally, I believe I have given enough proof that the entire pitch video of The Unlimited System is fake. In addition, the Infinity App is anything but what they are saying about it in the video. The profit claim of 15K to 50K a day if false. Moreover, it is just a cloned app. Hence, I would advise you to not to get sucked into this scam. Lastly, not to deposit any money with their choice of broker in order to test the app, it is not worth it.

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