Vena Systems Review – Scam Confirmed

Vena systems website looks professional, but when the pitch video plays it looks like a typical scam. The pitch starts with stock footage. With Lamborghini, ice skiing, Luxury resorts, and private jets. The stock footage is to lure you and get you emotional. This helps scammer and diminishes your logical reasoning. But I want to provide you factual information why this is a confirmed binary options scam software.


The earning claim is unbelievable as well. $210,000 every single month and that comes up with a guarantee as well. But of what sort; are they going to refund your deposit if you didn’t make $210,000 per month? Actually, there is nothing like that, it’s a guarantee just to say. Whenever they offer guarantee it is usually fake and the entire system is a scam. It is just a hook to hook you to the pitch video.

Next thing that looks immediately scammy are the logos they are using to build trust at a subliminal level. It does nothing when you click them. So why do they need to build trust? This all looks dodgy to me.


Marc Vena Claims to be one of the leading online mentors. However, when I googled him I haven’t found anything about him or at least a single video him mentoring. All I found was this scam video on different website and tons of negative feedback regarding Marc Vena and his system.


The video is littered with lies, I can’t take it anymore. It’s just the same old pattern. Marc is claiming that Vena System opportunity is just limited to 50 people worldwide. Now you all knew by now this is just a scarcity tactic to suck you in. They want the whole world to be ripped off, that’s why they are using scarcity so people should hurry, think more irrationally in order to avail the spot.

The meet ups with all the users are fake and are done by actors just like we have seen in previous videos. These meeting with so-called real users are there to build fake credibility. This is just a clever way for testimonials without looking like one.

How Vena System Works

There is very little information on how the system actually works and what is the underlying strategy. This is another telltale sign of a scam, they never share what their strategy is based on, and gives a slight hint that system is somehow related to trading online. So you never know what you put your money into. You just have the ability to turn the app on and off, and that is it.

Is it free?

Throughout the video, Marc Vena will tell that he is such a generous person and now he has made so much money that he wanted to help others. And giving out his Vena System for free. This is nothing but a half-truth. Sure the system is free and crappy. But in order to get the free system, you have to fund an account with binary options broker. Now, this is how scam operates i.e. in two part. The software is just a bait the real rip-off is the broker. And all most all the time these hoax site use brokers that are either unlicensed or unregulated by any government body. The broker is shady so that’s why they are hidden by an incredible looking software and actors.


Vena System is blacklisted, the internet is littered with reviews and feedback from real users who has used Marc App. I haven’t come across a single reviewer who has actually made money with it. The only guys with the positive review are one who is promoting this app in exchange for the commission. The Marc Vena is a fake character. There is no information about him as an online mentor. He is reading script with lies. Don’t trust a word of it.

I recommend to completely kick the Vena System. Don’t even give it a try it’s not worth it. There are better ways to say goodbye to your hard earned money.

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