Virtnext App Scam – Dishonest App Exposed

Virtnext App scam has become popular recently. There are lots of spammers promoting the app and associating fake reviews with it. The only reason they are claiming to have made big money with the app is that they want to profit from the scam. Read this complete review and discover Virtnext dishonest practices.

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First of all, Virtnext App look and feel is a like a typical scam, with all the scammy elements. Just check this one out. The timer does nothing at 0. You can still register which proves that it is to rush you through the registration process.


Secondly, the app they are claiming to be 100% Free is just half-Truth. Actually, in order to trade using the app, you need to deposit at least $250 with their broker. Usually, the broker is offshore scam broker. Moreover, the app doesn’t work there are lots of horror stories posted on different forums online regarding Virtnext app.

Proof of Scam

Virtnext Facebook page is a hoax. The testimonials as Facebooks comments they are showing is just morphed Facebook. In addition, the user images are stolen and used without their consent. I have searched over Facebook and hasn’t found their page.


The voice and video testimonials are also fake and done over Fiverr.


Pitch Video Lies

The founder claims to be the manager of Virtnext Investment Limited. It is a fictitious name, there is no record of this company. You will only find scam reports if you ever happen to search for these keywords. The video is filled with lies and empty claims without any verifiable to proof.

Just like a typical scam the claims are unbelievable like no loss, guaranteed income system for free. Remember this sounds too good to be true.

Final Words About Virtnext App

Finally, Virtnext App scam is confirmed. They are untrustworthy. The pitch video is filled with lies. In addition, the testimonials are fake, or done over Fiverr using paid actors. They are claiming that the trading results is verified by security and exchange commission but haven’t provided any proof of it.  Lastly, I will suggest you stay away from this dangerous scam. They are even paying binary options review site to write a biased review and promote their scam.

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