Wiki Trader – Sleazy Binary Scammer Exposed

Wiki Trader is a very skillful deceit. Their website layout is very professional and the pitch video is enticing. However, there are lots of elements which is common to binary options scam site. And recently lots of people are getting spam email promoting WikiTrader app. There are few reviewers who are claiming that Wiki Trader is a real deal but stay alerted. Usually, these reviewers also get paid to write bias reviews. Make sure you read the complete review while I expose this professional binary scam.

Official Website:



First of all, the timer in the top right corner pseudo script. The real purpose of this fake timer is to create urgency and not to provide prospect enough time to ponder over the offer. Secondly, the badges and logos below the signup button are pretended. They are not real and doesn’t take you to the Wiki Trader certificate on their website.

The pitch video is done very professionally and uses subtle means to entice viewers. Kelly Wallace the enigmatic woman claiming to be behind Wiki Trader is a paid actress. Let me give you undeniable proof of it.


Now she appeared in another binary options scam called Quick Cash. The only difference is she was claiming using the alias, Sarah Markel.


She looks bit different but if you will look closely you will notice she is the same actress.


Proof of Scam

Apart from fake CEO, the testimonials for WikiTrader app are also bogus. Let me also provide you with an undeniable proof of it.


The images above of the users are bogus, they are either stolen or stock images.



As you can clearly see above that the images are stolen from different website and repurposed as testimonials. This clearly proves that no one has made money with WikiTrader app. They are just using their sleazy video to lure people into their scam.


Finally, I have proven beyond any doubt with irrefutable proof that WikiTrader is a scam system. The actress and the testimonial are all fake. They are just using sleazy tactics and rented villa, car, and jet to rip hard working people off. Lastly, don’t fall prey to their scam and not to deposit a single penny with their scammy broker.

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