The Zen Trader Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

There are lots of people talking about The Zen Trader app. First of all, the Zen Trader is a binary options trading app. And they are making unbelievable claims on their main landing page. But the question arises, are these outrageous claims real. Is The Zen Trader App Legit or Scam?

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On the main web page of The Zen Trader, you can notice lots of features that are pretty much akin to a scam site. Firstly, the hook above the signup form has stated that it has only 50 Licenses, now these 50 licenses haven’t run out in months. Secondly, the bogus logos below the signup form is old scammer technique to send subliminal trust message to the fish.

The claims scammer behind ZenTrader is making, just below the video and signup form is impossible to achieve. In addition, there is no in the sales video that similar results are achieved by any of its user or even the founder. It is just a hyped up statement simply to lure innocent people in. As well as started in the pitch video with stock footages make it even more appealing.

There is no information how the Zen Trader works, the elemental strategy behind the app. When it comes to automatic trading you really have no control, and with an app where you aren’t even aware of underlying strategy you are playing with fire.

Proof of Scam

Mr. Zen who is claiming to be the founder of The Zen Trader is a fanciful figure. There isn’t even picture of him, I have seen this in different binary scam. A real person with real strategy never hides behind alias.


Apart from the fictitious founder, the testimonials are all phony. The mock reviewers’ pictures are either stolen off the internet or stock photography.


I have back searched Mike Schall, Dairy Farm Owner and his profile image is bought from stock photography website. Which clearly proves that the testimonials are bogus.


Final Words About The Zen Trader

Finally, The Zen Trader app is bogus it hasn’t worked for anyone. The testimonials are all fraudulent. Whereas the statement is forged. Don’t trust even a single word on their website, it is a clever deception. Hence, my advice is to not waste your time with their bogus app. The software is good-for-nothing and will blow away your cash.

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