Zero Risk Binary App Scam

Zero Risk Binary App scam hook says it all. They are lying right in their hook. They are confirmed scam and compulsive liars. Read the review till the very end to discover the real intentions of Zero Risk Binary App scam.



The hook gives you an impression that somehow this miraculous system is risk-free. But this can’t be any further from the truth. Actually, this is how the scam operates, the scammer won’t be able to siphon money off from you if you don’t make losses with the broker. With their unregulated and unlicensed broker, it is a Zero Sum game.  What this means is After you click the “Get Free Access” button you need to fund an account with binary broker which these scammer are going to tell you. You need to deposit at least $250 in that account, in order to access the ZeroRisk Binary app. Now be prepared to answer hard selling calls from the broker.  The scammer operating the website and the shady broker works hand in hand, so your losses are their profits.

In addition, the risk disclosure on Zero Risk Binary App website clearly states and exempt the scammer. So in case, you make a loss Zero Risk Binary App support will just reply you back with their risk statement. Their name and claims are all baloney.

Strategy Behind Zero Risk Binary App

A profitable system has a fundamentally strong strategy behind it. However, in the case of Zero Risk Binary App there is very little info about how the software actually makes Call and Put Trade. What they are claiming in the sales video doesn’t make any sense at least to me. The pitch video says that it exploits a loophole in binary options market.

The site has lots of negative reviews, there are tons of people who has already lost money with them. The app is worthless which isn’t based on a real strategy or a loophole that no longer exist.


Zero Risk Binary App is confirmed scam, all the claims in the sales video are false. There is no verifiable proof regarding the profits they claim to be making. The underlying strategy isn’t clear. Secondly, there is risk associated with all kinds of trading and in the case of Zero Risk, there is an unlimited risk. Hence, I would strongly suggest you not to fall prey to Zero Risk App Scam.

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